Assessment Report

Assessment Report


The BLS point's calculator is an easy way for you to evaluate your profile's strength when applying to work, study or settle abroad.


Moving abroad to work, study or settle is a life changing decision. It is also expensive in terms of time and money. BLS helps you make an informed decision about moving abroad with our Assessment Report process. With an Eligibility assessment, we assess your profile against the prevailing visa norms and evaluate your application's chances of success.

The immigration and visa process can be long-drawn as well as confusing and Requires an investment of time and money, it always makes more sense to get professionals on board. At BLS, you can check your eligibility with our BLS points calculator. Understanding the strengths of your profile will let you take an informed decision from the choices available before you.

An Assessment report will also let you recognize any areas in your profile that could be worked upon with the help of professional services. A Cost and Time Estimate is given so that you are well aware of what all to expect.

When you decide to move abroad either to migrate, work or study, you must know about the eligibility requirements for the country you are intending to move to. Each country has its own individual eligibility requirements.

Country like Canada, follow a points-based system to assess whether applicants for migration are eligible. In order to meet the eligibility norms, you must score the required points. Before you apply for a permanent residence (PR) visa, you should know if you meet the eligibility requirements. This is important to ensure your application is successful.

Prior to filling your application form, it is better that you get an assessment report done. This will help you realize if you meet the required points and areas where you fall short of acquiring the required points. This will also help you assess your chances of getting the visa.

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