In 2015, the Government of Canada introduced the Express Entry program for those skilled professionals who want to make their career and want to get settled in Canada. Express Entry is an Easy process to get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Permanent Resident of Canada. The Canada Government draws an Express Entry draw every two weeks. The Last Express Entry draw was conducted on the 3rd of August 2022, as you can see the result of that draw. By going through the entire article, you’ll see how you can get a Canada PR with this:

Started in 2015, EEP Canada is the safest and fastest way to get a Canadian PR. It manages every Express Entry Application and who applied for PR Visa under three federal Economic Immigration Programs which are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

EEP Profiles are ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) Score. The higher ranked profiles get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to submit their applications for PR Visa to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada).

Last Express Entry Draw Result

Express Entry Draw #228 was held on 3rd August 2022. In that, a total of 2000 ITA were issued to applicants with the CRS cut-off of 533 points

CRS Score Range Number of Candidates
601 – 1200 640
501 – 600 8975
451 – 500 62,330
491 – 500 5,343
481 – 490 9,044
471 – 480 18,747
461 – 470 16,413
451 – 460 12,783
401 – 450 57,987
441 – 450 12,101
431 – 440 12,705
421 – 430 9,747
411 – 420 11,117
401 – 410 12,317
351 – 400 68,325
301 – 350 35,522
0 – 300 5,145
Total 2,38,924

The table above shows the result of the last Express Entry Draw Result. As we can see a total of Two Lack Thirty-Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Four EEP Application was submitted and from that only 2000 Applications got ITA.

Express Entry Draw List 2022 (till August 3rd, 2022)
Draw Number Draw Date Number of ITAs Minimum CRS Points
228 3rd August 2,000 533 *APC
227 20th July 1,750 542 *APC
226 6th July 1,500 557 *APC
225 22nd June 636 752 *PNP
224 8th June 932 796 *PNP
223 25th May 589 741 *PNP
222 11th May 545 753 *PNP
221 27th April 829 772 *PNP
220 13th April 787 782 *PNP
219 30th March 919 785 *PNP
218 16th March 924 754 *PNP
217 2nd March 1,047 761 *PNP
216 16th February 1,082 710 *PNP
215 2nd February 1,070 674 *PNP
214 19th January 1,036 745 *PNP
213 5th January 392 808 *PNP

*APC – All Programs Considered

*PNP – PNP Specific Draws

Next Canada Express Entry Draw Predictions

Canada conducts Express Entry drawings about every two weeks. On average, there are two entry drawings every month. This means the next predicted date for this month is around 17th August 2022. The Express Entry draws are usually performed every two weeks on a Wednesday. As a result of COVID-19, Canada is conducting express entry draws that specifically target CEC candidates and Express Entry candidates with a provincial nomination. This is a way for Canada to give preference to those already living in the country. So immigrants who want a Canadian PR, need to focus on tabs of Canada Express Entry Draw Predictions.

COVID-19 Impact on EEP Canada

Canada is still issuing PR Visas but due to COVID-19, their focus shifts on CEC candidates and EEP Applications with provincial nominations. According to IRCC, a request for papers that is incomplete because of COVID-19 will not be rejected.

If your PR visa application is due, you may still submit it even if some of the required papers are missing. Just be sure to add a letter of explanation explaining why the missing documents are needed. You have 90 days to finish the application stages that are still unfinished from IRCC.

Last two years CRS cut-offs for PR Visas

As you saw this year’s result, let’s have a look at the 2020 and 2021 Highest and Lowest CRS Cut-offs:

2020 Result
  • 1.The lowest CRS points cut-off score was 75 (CEC)
  • 2.Highest CRS points cut-off score was 462 in all programs and 813 in PNP-specific draws
2021 Result
  • 1.The lowest CRS points cut-off score was 431 in all programs and 415 (FST)
  • 2.Highest CRS points cut-off score was 478 in all programs and 808 in PNP-specific draws

How to Calculate Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS)

The CRS Calculator's Operation

Express Entry uses the credentials that applicants provided while creating their pool profiles to determine each applicant's CRS score. Education, age, language ability, and other considerations are included in the selection process.

According to the following criteria, the CRS calculator assigns points to candidates' express entry profiles:

  • Basic elements of human capital
  • Accompanying spouse or common-law partner considerations
  • Factors affecting the transferability of skills Factors include a nomination from a province, a pre-approved job offer, study abroad experience, a Canadian relative, and/or proficiency in French

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